Razor scooter Canada

Razor Canada

Razor Scooters are a widely popular choice of kids scooter worldwide. The Razor Scooter is created by Razor USA and was first stated in 2000 with the kick scooter. There is a special team of pro riders that help design and test new models. Since they started Razor has continued to invent new means of riding using latest technology and materials and coming to the forefront of scooter development around the globe.

Razor Canada

The range of Razor Scooters can be placed into four categories, the Razor Kick, Stunt, Caster, and Electric.

Razor Kick Scooter

This was the original Razor Scooter and it is great for first-time riders or even the younger generation. The majority of the kick range scooters come with a folding mechanism which makes carrying a lot easier. They also have a telescopic T tube to allow the handlebars to become adjusted and grow using the rider; both of these factors are a thing that stunt scooters usually will not offer. Using a frame made from tough aluminium, which makes it lightweight, and urethane wheels which give great abrasion resistance and fantastic grip using the ground the Razor kick is a great all-rounder. Just about the most popular within the range today may be the Razor Spark, with a detachable spark cartridge at the back of the scooter giving the rider a trail of sparks wherever they go.

Razor Stunt Scooters

Razor introduced a variety of stunt scooters for the more serious rider. Stunt scooters are built to resist force and weight from jumps and tricks. This can be one reason most stunt scooters don't fold, they've extra durability in the down tube because the last thing you want is really a folding scooter in the center of your trick. The handles bars are not adjustable on stunt scooters again for added strength, and come in 2 sizes for various height riders. Having a double welded deck and superior urethane wheels the Razor Stunt scooter is made to last, and gives a solid feel when landing stunts and tricks. Razor's best-selling stunt scooter will be the Razor Ultra pro.

Razor Caster

Razor created a range of caster driven products for something a bit different. Good these are the Ripstik, Powerwing and Rip rider. The caster wheels are positioned so that the rider can move their body laterally during the board which results in the board drifting along itself without the need for pushing. They're just simple to master; they glide around tight corners but you just capable of singing amazing tricks. The Ripstick doesn't have handlebars and appearance much like a skateboard. It gives the rider a snowboarding like affect, when you transfer excess fat from side to side for acceleration. The Powerwing has three wheels and appearance like a scooter though wings on the rear. The Rip rider can be a seated three-wheeled model that looks much like a bike, but has no chain and uses exactly the same shift in weight movement for acceleration. The 3 of the above Razor caster ranges have proven to be a huge hit to the something.

Razor Electric Scooter

Razor Electric Scooters are incredible fun for youngsters of 8 years to adults. They may be designed with materials to last but additionally they're eco-friendly and quite. It life will provide you with around 40 minutes of continuous riding, and a few models can cruise up to 15 mph. There is a chain driven motor and thumb throttle, along with a unique handlebar folding system they are easily stored or easily put into the boot of your car.

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